Spray Foam Trench Breakers from PolyLEVEL Trench Breakers

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Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is used in many industries for numerous applications, including as a high-performance insulation, gap-filling sealant, slab-raising solution and soil stabilizing treatment.

At PolyLEVEL Trench Breakers, we use a specialized version of spray foam as a faster, safer, easier, cost-effective alternative to sandbag trench breakers for pipeline installation. We also use spray foam for erosion control.

Unlike sandbags, spray foam trench breakers fill voids around the pipe, creating a support system that won't shift or collapse. With spray foam trench breakers, there's no heavy lifting required and no workers need to get inside the trench.

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Benefits of using spray foam trench breakers

  • Save Time: Our expertly installed spray foam trench breakers can be installed in a fraction of the time of traditional sandbags.
  • Long Lasting: Unlike sandbags, polyurethane foam bonds to the trench, creating a strong barrier. Spray foam isn't abrasive and won't damage pipes.
  • Better Value: Foam trench breakers are far more cost-effective than having sandbags filled, transported and laid in the trenches.

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Why choose PolyLEVEL Trench Breakers?

PolyLEVEL Trench Breakers is an industry-leading provider of spray foam trench breakers for commercial, industrial and residential applications. We use only the best in spray foam technology - our foam product never contains any CFCs, formaldehyde, or ozone-depleting agents. Our spray foam pipeline support solution has been tested and proven by the nation's leading contractors.

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